Footage by Andy Jones





EFEA is a community-led film festival taking place on 28th and 29th May 2022 in the heart of East Anglia.


The festival will showcase the very best experimental moving-image works from regional, national and global artists.

We have searched for works that actively subvert cinematic conventions and use filmic language to delve into the many realms of human experience on an emotive level. The festival will provide a platform for practitioners to meet, exchange ideas and find community within an area typically ignored by mainstream events. Our two-day event will feature talks, workshops and screenings from experimental filmmakers and artists that have been honing their craft for years. We hope to dissolve the barriers between audiences and artists by nurturing a space for works to be discussed and for techniques to be discovered, explored, and demystified.

We actively encourage works that are shot on film - either 8mm or 16mm, with the opportunity for audiences to experience film being projected live. 

The EFEA team cannot wait for you to join us for a weekend of discovery, experimentation and collective participation.


Number 47,   Upper St. Giles Street,   Norwich,   NR2 1JR

Our first year event on the 28th and 29th May will be held in a beautiful Georgian building in the heart of Norwich.

The venue is just a five minute stroll from Norwich's historic food market where a wide array of authentic street-food can be bought.

The train station is just a 20 minute walk away. Upon arrival to the city you can wander into the city centre where you will find many shops, pubs, and restaurants -  all within minutes from EFEA's main event.